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watching n : the act of observing; taking a patient look [syn: observation, observance]

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  1. present participle of watch


  1. Of or relating to the action: to watch.

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Watching is a sitcom written by Jim Hitchmough, and starring Paul Bown and Emma Wray as mismatched couple Malcolm and Brenda. It is set in Merseyside, with Brenda coming from Liverpool and Malcolm coming from Meols on the Wirral. The title refers to a game that initially Brenda and her sister Pamela (played by Liza Tarbuck), and later Brenda and Malcolm, play in the pub. They watch other customers and try to guess their occupations, their lifestyles and other pertinent facts about them.
Quiet biker Malcolm, who lived with his domineering mother, was accompanied on his birdwatching trips by loud scouser Brenda, who was forced to ride in his sidecar. The series followed their on/off relationship, during which Malcolm married Lucinda.
Brenda and Malcolm married each other in the final episode, "Knotting", broadcast on 4 April 1993.
Emma Wray sang the theme song, "What Does He See in Me?", which was written by Charles Hart. The producer and director was Les Chatfield.
The first series was released on DVD in February 2006, and the second series was released in March 2008 by Network DVD.

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